The freaks of the west. The highway men of the sea.  Lawless, free, and out of control.

Showing the world that West is still wild.


Freako Suave is a freak accident.  We went down this road because people kept telling us what to do.  Grinding through our jobs everyday making things for everyone else, it started driving us batshit crazy.  We needed something to build, exactly the way we wanted to build it, with no excuses and no apologies.  This whole thing started as a drunken fantasy that eventually turned into a tangible pipe dream the next morning.  We kept thinking why not? Why not make what we wanted to make for once? So here we are.  Slapping corroded pieces of steel together and seeing just how fast they can take us.  Freako Suave is just our way of showing the world that there’s still at least a little bit of freedom left out here in California.  The only thing we have to say is this: make your own rules, cause your own trouble, and have a good fucking time doing it.